Senpai's Commands

all commands need a prefix before that can be % or @Senpai or custom if you configurated one

[] means that its required while {} means its optional

Moderation commands

Command Usage Description
ban ban [@Member] [Reason] Bans the member you mention if you're allowed to ban them.
blacklist blacklist [@Member] {reason} Allows you to blacklist members from using me.
history history [@Member] Shows you the Moderation history of a member.
kick kick [@Member] [Reason] Kicks the member you mention if you're allowed to kick them.
purge purge [amount] deletes this amount of messages (max is 100).
softban softban [@Member] [Reason] Bans then unbans a member, which clears 7 days of messages.
warn warn [@Member] [Reason] Warns the member you tag with the reason given.

Fun commands

Command Usage Description
urban urban [words] Searches urban dictionary.
8ball 8ball [Question] ask a yes/no question and get a answer.
anime anime [anime name] Searches for a Anime and show information about it.
bird bird shows a picture of a Bird
cat cat shows a picture of a Cat
dog dog shows a picture of a Dog.
fox fox shows a picture of a Fox.
manga manga [manga name] Searches for a Manga and show information about it.
neko neko shows a Picture of a Neko.
osu osu [user/map] [username/map id] show the stats of an Osu! player or map.
ratewaifu ratewaifu [waifu] rate your waifu with an scale from 0 to 10.
searchpicture searchpicture [search term] search with an term for an picture on pixabay.
trap traps {@Member} turn the tables with your ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh trap card!.

Economy commands

Command Usage Description
money money {@Member} Checks the money in your account.
deposit deposit [amount] Puts your Cash to the bank.
withdraw withdraw [amount] Takes money from the bank.
register register Register for the economy system!
coinflip coinflip [amount] bet's money and have a 50/50 chance to double the input.
slots slots [amount] play on a slotmachine to mutiply the bet.
leaderboard leaderboard shows the leaderboard of this server.

Music commmands

Command Usage Description
clearqueue clearqueue delete all songs exept the current playing one from the queue.
join join let me join your current voice channel.
leave leave let me leave the voice channel im currently in.
loop loop loops/stop looping the current queue (adding all played songs in queue again)
play play [link/songname] adding a song in the queue and starting it (accept song names, Youtube Videos and Youtube Playlists).
playnext playnext [Youtube Video Link/songname] same as play without playlist support but adding it in as next playing song.
queue queue shows the current queue.
removesong removesong [queue number] delete a specific song from the queue.
shuffle shuffle shuffles the queue.
skip skip skips the current song
volume volume {new volume} shows or change the volume of the playing song (scaling is from 0.1 = 10% to 2 = 200%).

Other Commands

Command Usage Description
about about shows stats/infomation from me and my Creator.
config config {prefix/modlog/musiclog/starboard/modrole/musicrole} {add/set/delete/remove} {@Role/@Channel/@Member/RoleID/MemberID/ChannelID/prefix/limit} {on/off} shows or changes the current config.
help help {command name/alias name} shows information about all my commands or about one specific.
invite invite shows my invite link!
ping ping shows the ping of me in ms
timer timer [time and reason] reminds you in in some time with the set reason.
vote vote shows where you can upvote me to support me <3.
weather weather [city/location] shows a picture with information about the weather in that location.