Easy to understand but,
extremly powerful in execution

Senpai is extremly easy to use but has powerfull Moderation commands, a config what can be adjusted for every server, you can change prefix, modlog channel and more.

Good coded, Powerfull, a lof of commands, usability and utility, open-source and free

Senpai is completely open-source. That means that (if you know any javascript) you can make a pull request to enhance Senpai and extend it <3. Also its very clean coded and make usage of the newest Javascript features.

Also like i meantioned before it has a lot of utility commands aswell as a configurable config for each server.
will also be up to date with the Discord Api and the newest version of Discord.js (my Libary)

Want to invite Senpai or see all commands?

You need the "Manage Server" Permission on the server you wanna add me and can do this by clicking on this link
if you wanna see all Commands you can do this here